RISK MANAGEMENT - Surety Related Services
By understanding our client's business and effectively communicating with the bonding companies, we maximize our client's bonding capacity.

Strategic, Focused Program Marketing: We work with surety companies, CPAs, bankers, and legal advisors to qualify our clients for the most favorable bond program available. We match our clients with the bonding company that will provide them with the best surety services to meet their particular needs.
Assist in the Bonding Process: By working directly with owners, lenders, developers and contractors, we solve surety related issues and develop acceptable solutions.
Surety Related Servicing: We deliver accurate surety bonds in a timely manner, monitor open bonds, and assist our client's efforts to obtain releases when necessary.
Expertise, Knowledge and Confidentiality: We thoroughly review financial statements, work in progress reports, contracts and bond forms and offer assistance, advice or recommendations where needed.